At Cantello Tayler Recruitment, we take our fundraising seriously and have always chosen charities to support which have impacted our lives in some way.  Of course, all charities do amazing work and we have been proud to be able to give a little something back to the wonderful people and organisations that have directly helped us and our families.

The truth is, the team at Cantello Tayler Recruitment are family.  Not only do we work together, but we support, encourage and look out for one another every day – through every up and down and every challenge, including the current situation that we find ourselves in.

We all spoke last week at length about what we could do to help right now. This was not in our usual forum of multiple cups of tea, flapjack and fridge cake in the office – but on Microsoft Teams, our new temporary ‘normal’.

It was decided that we would put together ‘Thank you’ boxes for those working on the front line. For those who are putting themselves at risk, every day. For those people who we love and are part of our family.

This week, we are having boxes delivered full of snacks, treats and pictures that the CTR children have drawn, coloured and painted to show their thanks. These are being delivered to:

Ashford Hospital, where our Mum works as a nurse.

Cheltenham General Hospital, where our sister in law works as a midwife.

Royal Brompton Hospital, Rose Ward, who looked after 2 of our babies.

Queen Charlottes Hospital, where our sister works as a midwife.

St Georges Hospital Neuro ICU, who looked after our Dad.

Sunrise Care, who look after our Mum and Dad.


Thank you, you amazing people. Thank you.